Sunday, February 28, 2010

Auditions and Rehearsals- Week 1

Well. The auditioning process was grueling to say the least, but it was definitely a learning experience. After having posted audition notices in Backstage West and Actors' Access, an influx of out-of-work Los Angeles actors flooded our emails with headshots and resumes... and then, mysteriously enough, not one of them decided to show up for their audition appointment. Despite the scheduling nightmare (and the fact that throughout auditions, Kindermusik was having a party in the hall... balloons, streamers, whistles, the works) the loyal residents of Santa Barbara came through in the end. Let me just say, it could NOT have worked out any better. The group works so well together, the chemistry is just amazing. Everyone seems to be dedicated to the same cause- providing Santa Barbara with more contemporary theatre and having a fantastic time in the process.

A hearty thank you is due to The Anacapa School and the Santa Barbara Arthritis Foundation for letting us use their facilities to rehearse in the evenings.
The read-throughs have been mind-blowing, but seeing everyone stand up to run the first three scenes on Friday was beyond exciting. And so, the first week of rehearsals is over and done with and we're *knock on wood* right on schedule.

Coming soon... MEET THE MADNESS!